Reviews - Pueblo Viejo Mexican Restaurant
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"Thanks to yelp, we tried this place out while in the Springs. We are from Dallas, we are accustomed to very good Mexican food. This place met and exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend the crispy chile relleno. It is delicious and the sauce that is on top of it was so so good! The service was excellent and the restaurantt was very clean. We will be back"


- Lori N.


"Stopped in for a vacation late night meal. The place was wonderful. The staff was very helpful and the food was outstanding. I had the barrito fajitas. It was one of the best that I have ever had. I live in oklahoma city and this was better than most places there"


- Andy W.

"PV is the perfect spot if you have a large party with people who can eat a lot. The fajitas for 2 could feed a village. It should be renamed to fajitas for 3!  The dish bursts with flavors and is loadaed with chunks of grilled meat and vegetables. It was so delicious especially when wrapped with corn tortillas! The complimentary bean and salsa dips with chips were awesome especially the bean dip. Similar to delicious free bread, eat at your own risk or you'd be too full to enjoy you main entree!"


- Crystal N.

"Mom and I really enjoyed lunch. Pretty spot, very friendly staff and I always love a salsa with a bit of a kick! We will definitely make it a regular stop"


- Michael H.

"We come in for an early lunch on a weekday. The place was almost empty. Our party of three was treated as though we were VIPs with a crowd of people watching us make our entry. The service only improved from there. The basket of warm tortilla chips with three kinds of salsa was served almost before we were seated. The wait staff was pleasant personable and very efficient. Our order was taken and delivered flawlessly. We all very much enjoyed our meals along with the beautiful ambiance. Delicious food, nice atmosphere and excellent service; we'll be back"


- John W.

"We were super-pleased with this experience. The staff was genuinely friendly and attentive. The menu was massive. They served traditional starting salsa and chips with really tasty bean dip too. The tamales were some of the best i have had in a long time. We had a nice sampling of foods and all were really satisfying. I have never been served on bigger plates and there was plenty of food to cover them. We visited several Mexican restaurants in the area during our week-long vacation and this was our favorite. I would definitely go back"


- kilouie

"My guy and I don't get a craving for Mexican food often, but since we've been to Pueblo Viejo, we crave it even more! We have been here twice now, once for lunch and once for dinner. All of the staff from the host stand to the wait staff to the bussers are incredible friendly and attentive to your needs! Chips, salsa and refried beans are deliverd immediately for you to munch on while you decide on you meal and wait. The food is tastey, the portions are generous and all service is timely! We always leave happy and full. There is a band that goes around to the different tables and plays music. They're lively and great at what they do, it really completes the whole experience. Great food, fantastic employees and a fun atmosphere, we will be back!"


- Katie H.

"The food is always excellent, Our favorites are the burrito manadero, the crispy chile relleno, and the carne asada. But please, whatever you do,  do not forget the sopapillas! They ARE THE BEST!"


- Jeff M.

"We have always had good food at reasonable prices. The staff is friendly and attentive. Many of them have been there for years; that's a good sign."


- Bruce B.